Global Game Jam @ 2019 January 25 - 27 with Friends

Global Game Jam @ 2019 January 25 - 27 with Friends


A 3 day 2 night game development event, Global game jam and held at KDU Glenmarie. With a team of 3 people, we haven't done our game until the end but we learned much on the development. Such as modeling, coding, designing, editing using software like photoshop, magicavoxel, unity. Due to inexperienced we doesn't allocate work properly and lastly only done modeling & some mechanic part like health, damage, team check. But still many mechanic haven't done like taming, spawning and more. Sadly doesn't meet our expectation but really enjoy when developing in this event, KDU's student also very friendly to we. Thanks for the all participate for sharing in this event.

Event & Game Information

This global game jam event title is about "What is home means to you". So we have come with idea bring characters ( player ) back to home, or with defensive feature also dialog chat. Lastly we decide with Realtime-Strategy Defensive Game ( RTS Defensive ) about a stone age human want to defend his forest and fighting with the one who coming for chop down tree ( enemy ). In this, we would like to implements timeline feature about changing era from stone age until future age ( mobs will keep upgrading and become stronger & also enemy is human will become high-tech mobs ).


What it will be at start, will like this 2 human is incoming for attacking your home and player controlling mobs to attack the human. The house beside the tree is about mating system when have 2 mobs has going for mating will produce a small new mobs ( age system ).


Sometime besides of human incoming attacking, they will stop for a time and when that time you can go for outside for taming mobs. They are neutral mobs, they will attack player's mobs & enemy's mobs.

Different mobs have different skill & attributes so this is the way we extends more strategy on defending and the goal is defend as long as you can. The mobs also have their own AI about pathfinder goal.



MagicaVoxel is a free to use modeling program. As you have seen all of the our models is look like cube, it's created by MagicaVoxel. In their official website also have many wonderful art, you may go for a look.

What we have planned is if we are free enough, we would like to continue development & target on mobile phone as who is interested can come to pm me hope we work together well. Thanks for your time.