Website Between Me And Her - OskaYuzy

Website Between Me And Her - OskaYuzy


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With github actions, every night will run a script to get data from instagram, and pump into gist. You can see the script at index.js and action.yml for workflow setting. For frontend it's using react & vitejs to do development. In workflow, it will get all images from instagram and push to gist and generate gist link which will display the images. For more information you can look into index.js .


For github actions script have to build with @vercel/ncc before push, frontend also have to build before push. Since my github pages is set to master branch so it take from docs/ folder in master branch. In public/ folder having CNAME it's for custom domain setting ifn't the original setting will be overrided.

Make your own

  1. Update setting in assets/setting.json.
  2. Run yarn build to build with new setting.
  3. Rename title in index.html with your preferred title name.
  4. Update images with yours in assets/images/ folder.
  5. Update repository name in .github/workflows/schedule.yml.
  6. Add GH_TOKEN with your github token for updating gist.
  7. Add IG_USERNAME and IG_PASSWORD with your gallery ig username and password for login instagram account and retrieve posts.
  8. Push to repository.
  9. Trigger the actions to fetch data from instagram.
  10. Here you go.